Holistic Primary Care

Holistic Primary Care

Inspiration Yoga

Inspiration Yoga

Gabriella Bianca

Gabriella Bianca, Illustration

New York State Academy of Tial Lawyers Online CLE

New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers Online CLE

Nicolas Titeux, Personal Chef

Nicolas Titeux, Personal Chef


Each client and project are unique. I look at the client’s goals and consider their audience in order to choose the right technology and layout for your website. This is because a website is only a success when it creates a beneficial impact for the client. Maybe your goal is to spread the message about your business, store, or new product. Maybe you are looking to increase your social network engagement. Whatever your goal might be, and no matter whether your business is big or small, a website should move your endeavor forward.

  • Logo and website design
  • SEO friendly HTML and CSS
  • Responsive layouts for all device sizes
  • Blogs
  • Schedules
  • E-commerce
  • Web applications
Joel Stevens
Evere, Belgium
VAT: BE 0843.821.410


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