I Have a Brilliant Idea for a Website

You are an idea person. You have an idea that could be the next Google or Facebook. But where do you begin?

You need help establishing a brand identity and developing your proof of concept (or “PoC”). A proof of concept is basically a working piece of software that demonstrates that your idea is feasible and viable. You can then use this proof of concept software to present to potential investors in order to obtain startup funding or other forms of capital.

It’s not easy getting your foot in the door without a working proof of concept. Getting this done will show investors that you know what you are talking about and that you mean business.

However, entrust your proof of concept to the wrong developer, and you may end up with a piece of software that is unappealing or inadequate. This may lead to delays in production which prevent you from showing it off to investors. This is not good in an industry where you want to be first-to-market.

Let’s make sure your investors or potential buyers like what they see. Contact me to get a free estimate and discuss next steps for your big idea.

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