A Simple Website for Your Business

When you are just starting your business, money can be tight. That might be the reason why you haven’t considered building a website yet. But you are starting to think about creating your online presence and you want to start interacting with potential customers. What you need is a developer who can work with you, understand your vision, and deliver within your budget.

That is why I am offering the “Website Refresh” package. I will take one of my existing templates and alter it to match your brand. This is perfect for getting information online quickly and affordably. When your business is more established and you are ready to grow your website further, I’ll be here for you to take your website to the next level.

Your simple website will include:

  • Front page
  • Blog
  • Contact form
  • 10 to 15 internal pages

Is this the right approach for your business? Contact me with details about your goals to find out and obtain a free estimate.

Joel Stevens
Evere, Belgium
VAT: BE 0843.821.410


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